Casa del Prado
Casa del Prado, San Diego

After the end-of-summer announcement of one of my images being chosen into the Irvine Fine Arts Center exhibit, I once again received an email with the Congratulation subject line. Let me share part of the letter with you:


Thank you for submitting your work for PhotoPlace Gallery’s juried exhibition, THE BUILT ENVIRONMENT. From over 1,000 photographs submitted, juror Brian Vanden Brink chose 40 photographs for the gallery exhibition, and an additional 35 photographs for display in the Online Gallery Annex on the PhotoPlace Gallery website.  We are very pleased to tell you that your work was selected for the Online Gallery Annex! 

The image on the right, taken two years ago in San Diego is the one that was chosen to be included in the Online Gallery Annex, and also in The Built Environment Gallery catalog. This has always been one of my favorite pictures of San Diego, I am excited to know that someone else also thinks highly of it. (If you click on the image, you can see it in a much larger version in my gallery.)

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