The day started out rainy, but by the afternoon it cleared up. I started my walk from a main transportation hub, Deák Square, where three subway lines and numerous tram and bus lines intersect. I strolled on a very well known street of Budapest, Andrássy út. This long, wide road houses gorgeous buildings, elegant stores, restaurants, as well as very old, mature trees. It ends at Hero’s Square.

The biggest surprise for me on this walk was seeing a huge structure built into the City Park pond. I had no idea first what it was, but behind it I found a board explaining that it was the facility that will house the Synchronized swimming events during the Fina World Championships. Hopefully, in the remaining 12 days prior to the event they will be able to do something with the smell that surrounds the whole area that is coming from the pond, which in its current state smells like a swamp.

Enjoy the tour! (Directions and direct link to the gallery under the map.)

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