When I woke up the skies were rather dark, and I even spotted a double rainbow:

I was hesitant if I should head into downtown or not, but I decided to go. I was taking a bus from Deak Square up to the Castle District, when I spotted the breathtaking lights on the castle and its surrounding. I got off the bus, and took about a 10 second walk to reach a good spot for photos, when the Sun decided to hide behind the clouds. For most of the morning it stayed cloudy, only for short periods of time I saw the Sun’s magical work on the buildings. This cloudy day was great for one thing: I was able to photograph the Pest side from Fisherman’s Bastion, which I usually cannot do due to the Sun being on that side.

I walked only a small part of the district, I left the other side for a different day. I really enjoyed the peacefulness of the area prior to the tourists showing up.

Enjoy the tour! (Directions and direct link to the gallery under the map.)

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