I’d like to give a pictorial walking tour recommendation for a few Budapest locations. I walked and photographed in the area in early July of 2016. I really like beating the tourist rush in these locations, therefore I usually take my walks early in the morning, not long after sunrise. If you’d rather sleep in a bit, expect to see a lot more people at the photographed locations. Some enjoy the crowds, I prefer to be by myself.

My walk started from the Deak Square subway station; this is a major public transportation center, where 3 of the subway lines meet in addition to some bus and tram lines. In case you are not familiar with the public transportation in Budapest, I’m including some information on it at the end of this post. My walk started towards the Danube River. There are a few options to get down there; have a Budapest downtown map handy. Deak Ferenc Street is one your options, on which you will see many renovated older buildings, as well as the modern Kempinski Hotel. You will reach Vorosmarty Square, which is the northern end of the pedestrian shopping street Vaci Street. When you walk through this street, you will end up at the gorgeous Central Market. If you visit Budapest, you cannot skip this destination. It’s open every day except for Sunday.