In my last post I told you about all the wonderful birds visiting our backyard. They are still coming, and some of the baby finches are so naive, that I can walk by them and they do not fly away. They are also very uncoordinated, and they give us a lot of giggles when they try to fly from one part of the backyard to another. They are clumsy, bang into things, and cannot land at places where they want to. Their inexperience in all areas has resulted the first casualty in the backyard. Let’s go back in time by about three weeks…

My husband – who, by the way, has this new connection with birds – asked me, if there was a way of attracting new kinds of birds into our little paradise. He got his answer the following day. Since we have a backyard full of small birds from sunrise to sunset, it was inevitable that we would also attract the hawks. My husband got his new kind of visiting bird, and of course, I started keeping my camera near the back door. “Our hawk” checked for food once or twice a day, which event was announced by the rapidly and loudly escaping birds. For many days the hawk landed in the backyard, sat on a pole, on the top of a chair, or on the fence. Finally, I was able to capture him the way I wanted to: I wanted to portray his power, his strength and his determination. (Click to enlarge.)

Hawk in Backyard

Meanwhile, we prepared our almost ten-year old daughter, that one day the hawk might actually catch a small bird, and that is how nature works. It’s the circle of life. She didn’t just understand this, but a few days ago in the morning she calmly informed me: “Mami, get your camera, the hawk has just gotten a bird. It is standing on the fence.” I told her to turn away in case the predator would start his meal right there, but she didn’t want to. I am very proud of her accepting difficult facts of life. Fortunately, the feast did not start in the backyard, and unfortunately, I wasn’t able to grab my camera on time. But seeing this beautiful bird with its prey just a few feet away from us was a sight neither of us will forget.


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