Streetview_Buda_CastleEven though I started this project last summer, I still haven’t settled on the title yet. I have a few ideas floating around, but a decision has not been made.

What is this project about? Something, that stands very close to my heart for two main reasons: it involves my birth-country, Hungary, as well as historical beauty and craftsmanship. One of my most favorite summer destinations for photography in Budapest is the Buda Castle. This medieval place, which started to evolve in the 13th century, has seen its ups and downs. There were three devastating times in the history of  the castle. The first one happened during the 75 day long fight in 1686, when the Austrian Habsburgs took it back from the Turks after the almost 150 years of Turkish invasion. The castle was in ruins, but it was renovated in an elegant Baroque style, and the old, medieval street layout was kept. The palace was next destroyed during the Hungarian Revolution in 1848-49.  Then, during World War II, the castle was once again in ruins. The district has been mostly restored, and its architectural features take you back in time by a few hundred years. I absolutely love walking there in the early mornings, before the locals wake up and the tourists show up. It really feels like that I am time traveling back to the middle ages.

One little detail on the buildings caught my attention last year – the door handles. Almost all doors have highly ornamental handles and sometimes knockers on them, that take you back to the time when craftsmanship and beauty was just as important as function. I captured many of the door handles in the Castle District, and a few more at different locations in Budapest and in other cities, like Eger and Kőszeg. Let me share a little preview of the images I am currently creating. I hope you enjoy the beauty of the old doors and handles as much as I do.





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