I am trying out a rental lens this week, and my goal is to shoot in all kinds of situations I usually do. Last weekend a newly made photographer friend recommended me to check out Little Corona del Mar for my low tide photography. I read about the place, and everyone was raving about all the various sea creatures you can see there during low tide. Yesterday I visited this new place – and as you can see, I wasn’t the only person there. At least two school classes were on a field trip in search of low tide animals. The place was gorgeous. It’s a little difficult to walk on the rocks, but challenging is great, isn’t it?

Little Corona del Mar durin Low Tide

As I said it earlier, I was hoping to find rarely seen sea animals in the tide pools, but it just didn’t happen. Some days are better for wild life viewing, others are not. At this point I could have declared my low tide visit a bust, but I didn’t. Why? Because I did see animals in the tide pools after all, and they were highly unusual for this area. They almost completely blended into the rocky surroundings, but I noticed them anyway. A duck mom brought her three chicks into this unique environment, maybe to toughen them up. Or they just got lost. Lots of duck families are walking around nowadays all over the city, but I had never seen any in the tide pools. I followed them carefully and took a few images.

Adventure into Unknown Places


What’s my point? Well, two things. One is that everybody needs to try to get out of their daily routine, and try something unusual, something adventurous like this duck mommy decided to do. Also, if you are looking for something that you really wish to see or have, but cannot find it, don’t get too disappointed. Look a little deeper, from a different point of view and with an open mind – and you might see something that you had not anticipated finding.

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